Good question! You may be wondering what we do? Community and connection, Kith and Kin, having friends and family around you, kindred spirits… there are lots of ways to describe what we are all about. We know how important it is to have the support of a network around you on the journey into parenthood. They say it takes a village to raise a child (easier said than done we know in the midst of a pandemic) and we think all parents deserve to find that village. With increased loneliness and social isolation in expectant and new parents it is more important than ever to provide community and at Kin Collective we are passionate about providing accessible support and a welcoming non-judgemental space that’s open to all.

We are also a Collective, which means that we are a team of perinatal (pre and postnatal) practitioners, facilitators, peer supports and volunteers. As part of our Perinatal Wellbeing Project our team are receiving Trauma Informed and Mental Health First Aid Training and we follow the Perinatal Peer Support Principles. We provide a mix of professional, practical and peer support so that we can provide as much of what you might need in one place. Whether it’s online, in person, indoors or outside we have something for you. Is there something that could help? Someone to chat to, a friendly ear, an item for you or baby? Let us know and someone in our Kin Community would love to help. You can contact us here (link), we can’t wait to hear from you and welcome you to Kin.

As a Community Interest Company we are a profit for good company set up to benefit our community and create social change. That means that all of our profits are reinvested in our project work to benefit parents and families. It allows us to provide funded places, and we welcome self-referrals and referrals from our partner organisations. If you could benefit from our services please get in touch to find out more.

We also operate a Pay It Forward model, which enables us to keep supporting parents and families with funded places. If you are able to offer a place to another parent you can make a donation using the PayPal donate button. A £10 pay it forward donation goes towards our outdoor parent groups, £30 helps us to run a peer support group, £50 provides a funded postnatal course, £100 provides a funded antenatal course. We are so grateful to have received so many generous donations as part of our crowdfunder and are thankful to every person who understands the importance of Parental Wellbeing and supports our Pay It Forward scheme.

Last but not least, Kin is a Family Wellbeing Hub – online and in person we are here for you. We have our beautiful studio and community space in Leith and we are looking forward to adding our therapy space soon. We are also adding more courses, classes, workshops and groups all the time and combined with our online community we provide accessible support in pregnancy and postpartum. We can’t wait for you to be a part of it! Welcome KIN.